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Novo sibirsk


Synti Groep CD catalog # SGCD071

Track list:
1: Endless goal (9:13)
2: Out on the spleens (10:15)
3: Everything (8:36)
4: Your personal environment (12:29)
5: Drifter into nowhere (8:55)
6: Luxury you can afford (6:32)
7: In theory (7:56)
8: Alike no other (8:25)

Total playing time: 72:21

All tracks were recorded on 01.10.01

Rob Knetsch used:
Elka Synthex, Korg 05R/W
Korg Wavestation
Roland D-50

Effects and recording equipment:
Digitech S100
Dod Dimension3
Samick SM-1200
Sharp MD-MT15
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