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Novo sibirsk


Synti Groep CD catalog # SGCD035

"In my entire life i have never encountered
anything as strange and mystifying as the
experiments of Min.
Here you find detailed descriptions of
six of the most intriguing experiments
and my personal encounters with Min."

Track list:
1: Invitation to min's workplace (22:48)
2: Experiment 1: The making of the ingenious
    contraption (6:20)
3: Min in the streets of imlah: The mainstreet
4: Experiment 2: A fierce result (3:13)
5: Experiment 3: The tinpan furnace (3:51)
6: Min in the streets of imlah: The cupola of
    shops (2:38)
7: Experiment 4: An attempt to succeed (4:20)
8: Min in the streets of imlah: The marketplace
9: Experiment 5: A demonstration of pounding
    forces (5:26)
10: Min in the streets of imlah: Cathedral alley
11: Experiment 6: Tempering the pit of fire (4:41)
12: Min in the streets of imlah: The matsou lane

Total playing time: 66:55

The tracks on this CD were recorded during
various recording sessions sometime in 1991

CD release date: 02.06.00
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