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Synti Groep CD catalog # SGCD505

This CD is the fifth in a series of CD's
with experimental soundscapes.
No musical instruments were used in
these experiments.
Various types of noise served as sound

The soundscapes on this CD were
created by touching a signalwire and
routing the noise through various
effectpedals. The result was recorded
directly onto harddisc and processed
into stereophonic soundscapes with
the use of basic audio editing software.

Track list:
1: She was wired (7:40)
2: So much power (11:24)
3: So electric (10:04)
4: There was no end (12:43)
5: Too full (2:35)
6: That must hurt (8:02)
7: Utilised for none (8:35)
8: Under no restrict (8:04)
9: Utterly universe (3:50)

Tracktitles were taken from the poem
"ELECTRIC" by Rob Knetsch

Total playing time: 72:57

These tracks were created on 08.05.04

Rob Knetsch used:
Boss DD-3
Boss DS-2
Boss OC-2
Digitech XP100
Ibanez CS-505
Ibanez DML-20
Ibanez PT-909
Yamaha MM-10
PC with basic audio editing software
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