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Synti Groep CD catalog # SGCD108

Track list:
1: A gift from the future (23:33)
2: Trance to three (15:20)
3: Extra megadrone (19:54)
4: Human dimension (14:21)

Total playing time: 73:08

All tracks were recorded on 22.12.01

Featuring Paul Rijkens and Jaco Beudeker

Rob Knetsch used:
Elka Synthex
Korg Mono/poly
Korg Wavestation
Roland JX-3P

Paul Rijkens used:
Roland D-50
Yamaha CS1x

Jaco Beudeker used:
Boss DD-3
Boss NS-2
Boss SD-1
Fender Stratocaster
Marshall VS30R

Effects and recording equipment:
Digitech S100
DOD Dimension3
Samick SM-1200
Sharp MD-MT15

From left to right: Paul Rijkens, Jaco Beudeker,
Rob Knetsch
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