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Recording session


Synti Groep DVD catalog # SGDVD024

This 2-disc DVD+R set contains the
unedited video recordings made during
the recording session on april 3th 2004
at the Synti Groep studio.

The audio recordings of this session
were released on the CD's "12plate"
and "Soul spin" of Electrance.

Jaco Beudeker: guitars
Rob Knetsch: synthesizers
Paul Rijkens: synthesizers

Tracklist disc 1:
"Setting up the camera in the new
 studio" (10 minutes of trying to get
 a good position)
Tribrain defuser

Tracklist disc 2:
Brain teaser
Trance trouble
Soul spin

Total playing time: 214 minutes

from left to right: Jaco Beudeker,
Rob Knetsch, Paul Rijkens
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